Welcome to the website and blog of Rio and Drop Bear. The Red Panda Pirate and the Aussie Koala. They are the inhabitants of Bubble Tea Island but love going on adventures together, playing games and eating yummy food.

We hope you enjoy using their stickers to talk to your friends and family. If you haven't downloaded a set yet, please check out Rio and Drop Bear's store at Line. Keep up to date with news here on the blog and over at Facebook. Share them around and give them some virtual adventures.

May 28, 2015

Official Launch of Rio And Drop Bear

Hello everyone out there! Today marks the official launch of Rio and Drop Bear stickers. They send their warmest hugs and tail tugs from Bubble Tea Island.

You can purchase these through LINE at their store by clicking the bright green LINE logo to the left of this website.

Currently Rio and Drop Bear are not available for Facebook chat. But if you use LINE and purchase these little critters and share them around with your friends and family and they then buy them, maybe we will see them appear on Facebook soon! 

Make sure you visit, 'like' and share the Official Facebook Page by clicking the bold blue logo on the left. You can post a message for Rio and Drop Bear or even share some fan art!

Keep coming back to see the latest on Rio and Drop Bear; the Red Panda Pirate and Aussie Koala.